Best Nintendo Switch Accessories you can buy

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories you can buy

The release of Nintendo Switch console in March 2017 prompted third-party Switch, Pro-like controllers, to emerge in the market. These consoles allow players to up their gameplay and provide a more pleasant gaming experience for a significantly lower price. In lieu of the official Nintendo Switch controller, we have found and tested some alternative Nintendo Switch consoles and we can argue that the original Nintendo game controller is still the leading option to use in playing. The only downside is that the original one is more pricey. Also, there are some specific games that are more comfortable to play using the features offered by other third-party controllers.

Opting for a third-party Nintendo Switch controller not only saves you money but also offers additional elements that make particular Nintendo games and commands easier to navigate. Some of the third-party consoles on this list are also accessible in Windows, macOS, and even on Android, so that’s absolutely a plus!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you are willing to shell out $70 for this original Nintendo controller, then we’d highly suggest you to do so. By purchasing this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you will get to enjoy the prototype of all the other Nintendo consoles. You can use this as a standard in comparing the third-party controllers you might purchase in the future. Having tried several Nintendo controllers, we can attest that this one is still the leading option in aspects of performance and attribute. Note also that this is compatible with Switch Lite as well, if you are concerned with that.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

Of all the third-party controllers listed here, the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is the most similar and comparable to the Switch Pro controller, but of course, this bears a much cheaper price. This can be purchased from Amazon, Best Buy, and also through their official website. You can save $20-30 by availing this great Switch Pro controller alternative. If you love aesthetic controllers, one of the remarkable features of the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is its game-themed versions including Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and Spyro. It is also worth-recognizing that this console runs on AA batteries that you can buy anywhere.

Beboncool Switch Pro Controller

The appearance of this controller resembles that of the original handheld Switch console. Not only that—it also includes almost all of the Switch Pro controller’s features such as motion control and NFC Amiibo functionality, which majority of the other third-party controllers do not have. You can get this console for only $30, which is not bad for its attributes. The button performance works just fine and the quality of the controller is ok-level smooth so I recommend you to purchase this as a great alternative if you are on a budget!

8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Bluetooth Gamepad

The 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Bluetooth Gamepad allows users to immensely customize the controller through analog sticks, trigger inputs, vibration controls, swap button, and a lot more. You can customize the gamepad on your computer through the software that comes with your purchase. Accessing a software might be some sort of a hassle but we assure you that it is just easy to navigate! There are three colors of the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Bluetooth Gamepad you can choose from: white, black, and cream. It also comes with a rechargeable battery pack that you can replace with AA batteries. For only $50, you’ll get a user-friendly console that is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows.

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