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Things you need to know about Playdate

Panic, a software development company who also made and published the games Untitled Goose Games and Firewatch, introduced a new handheld gaming system in May 2019 which they branded as Playdate. Since then, we have been stoked to get this yellow compact gaming gadget into our hands. This Gameboy-inspired device is made out of the developer company’s love and celebration for video games. We can’t wait but commend the courage of the people behind Panic by taking the leap of faith and trying to re-introduce this retro gaming system in a modernized world that is dominated by smartphones and advanced technology. As of today, Playdate is still undergoing development and production without a definite release date; but according to Panic’s Twitter, it will “hopefully” be released this year.

12 different games included in hardware

One more reason to be all hyped about the release of Playdate is that it will have 12 different games included in its hardware—one to be automatically installed per week. These 12 game applications are being developed by diverse game makers and will be kept as a surprise to fans until its release date. One noteworthy game they revealed to the public during its teaser is an original developed by a game publisher of Keen Games, Nic Magnier. This game, which they call Doom, was shown running on the 2.7-inch monochrome screen display of Playdate. Players can utilize the device’s signature hand crank, a rotating analogue controller, to fire the signature chaingun of the said game. Panic uploaded a video on Twitter that shows how to play Doom on Playdate, which prompted fans to anticipate the gadget’s release all the more.

250 developers involved

Panic mentioned on its Twitter thread that there are currently 250 developers around the world who have the physical devices on hand. These game producers have been working hard to develop different software on the device. To add, Playdate will also go beyond game applications. As one of its third party programs, we have seen a calligraphy writing software being developed by Ryosuke Mihara, which users can control with the device’s hand crank. we have also been able to get a glimpse of other programs being currently developed such as Solitaire, falling block games, dungeon-set adventures, and puzzlers that are all reminiscent of the games we used to play when we were kids. In one of their developer survey, Panic emphasized that they aim to involve underrepresented game makers in the process. To date, there are women and LGBT community members who are included in the Season 1 line up of game producers. We love to see inclusivity!

The best part of purchasing Playdate is if you are an aspiring game publisher, you do not only get to play games and support small game makers—you can also make your own game through this device! Panic has promised a huge update involving the timeline, release date, and game title reveal in just the next few months. For now, all we have to do is save up USD $149 and avidly anticipate the release date!

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