Devil May Cry 5 may be the best in the Series

Devil May Cry 5 may be the best in the Series

If there’s something synonymous with the Devil May Cry series, it’s big swords and ridiculously powerful guns that add up to obscenely stylish combat. It’s been over a decade since Devil May Cry 4 came out, and we finally have the much-awaited sequel.  

Devil May Cry 5 takes all the best elements of the series and improves even further to design one of the best hack and slash titles. On top of that, we have the opportunity to play as three different characters, something’s that’s never been seen before. A funky storyline, crazy combat and jaw-dropping graphics that particularly stand out on next-gen consoles and high-end PC’s are what DMC 5 is all about. It’s everything we love about the series. just extremely polished and refined unlike any of its predecessors, making it the best game of the series. 

Wearing a leather coat, carrying an old cane, and reading a poetry book in the midst of battle, V can be seen wandering through Devil May Cry 5. Dante and Nero wipe out opponents with their remarkable brawl combos, a lot unchanged from other games in the series. V has his pet demons do the talking. His pet bird Griffon can shoot bolts of electricity at enemies by using the ranged fire button. By pressing the melee button, you can send a shape-shifting panther called Shadow off to combo opponents even at a far distance. Enemies slowly stagger back, change their color into a shade of gray and open themselves up to teleporting finisher with V’s cane when they are sufficiently battered.

Throughout Devil May Cry 5, the story switches between the characters Nero, Dante, and V. Several parts of the game feel like a holiday because of his spiritless animations (he prefers surfing through levels on a pool of dark energy rather than running at full speed), but also thanks to his gigantic pet, a golem named Nightmare. When V’s version of Devil Trigger is activated, a monster appears—sometimes through a meteor or from a hollow on the ground—and begins attacking enemies with big fists and laser beams.

In any battle, an SSS rank is a guarantee that lasts long enough for more points to gain when you have all your demons. An area of effect electricity attack from your eagle that can juggle and keep enemies in place for Shadow’s combos can be triggered by pressing Back and Fire button. Nightmare’s laser beams can scour the ground and set off massive explosions after a slight delay. Between all the three, you’re landing a huge amount of hits on numerous enemies. By waiting for a few of them to enter the near-death state and chain your cane finishers, a massive style points reward is to be expected.

V’s unique style

V’s unique style breaks up Nero and Dante’s sections of the game very well and, along with Nero’s disposable Devil Breaker arms, brings something new. Devil May Cry 5 could easily have been a nostalgic throwback to previous games, but with exceptional animations, a photorealistic look, and an incredible performance capture, 5 takes Devil May Cry’s quirkiness and teen sense of cool makes the game feel like it belongs in 2019. The fan service is still there, of course. Dante can switch between his old melee weapons and guns on the fly, and he can use the D-pad to swap instantly between  Trickster, Swordmaster, Gunslinger and Royal Guard; his classic combat styles.

The main protagonist

Nero seems like the main protagonist out of the three. He has greater upgrade options and his eight Devil Breaker arms open up greater room for experimentation. You will have to choose the right sequence of arm for a given level to master the game. To avoid the sweeping attacks of the first boss, you’ll likely choose the arm that gives you significant mid-air moves. Later, it becomes less difficult to break through the ghostly scissor-loaded enemies’ guard with Devil Breaker. You’re free to pick out one or two you like and stick to them on the first level. It’s a pliable system that offers Nero a high skill ceiling for experienced players.

Sometimes, V’s pet panther developed a mind of his own when asked to target faraway enemies. While there are some very neat boss encounters, the first one is a bit messy,  and a massive boss later that plods around in circles will likely end up being a low factor of the game.

The camera was much improved, particularly indoors, even though to follow an enemy it would tug away on two or three occasions. You kill a lot of frequent bugs in Devil May Cry 5’s first six hours.

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