Fortnite: Easy Tips and Tricks

Fortnite: Easy Tips and Tricks

Fortnite is one of the most played battle games since it was released in 2017. You may be playing for a long time now but still cannot figure out how to navigate a handful of stuff. To help you, we have made a list of cheats and tricks that most probably just a minority of Fortnite players only know. We’ve got all the details listed down for you! Without question, these cheats might entirely work to your advantage given the fact that among the millions of people who play Fortnite, only a few are aware of the game’s expediency. 

Disclaimer: Be extra careful when bringing these cheats into play because it might result in getting you banned from the game. Enjoy playing!

Abandon difficult Parts of Daily Challenges

Sometimes you just feel stuck when you cannot accomplish a specific challenge for the day, but the good thing is that there is now a solution for it! All you have to do is go to Inspect the Challenges page and remove the tasks you find difficult to fulfil. Right after that, the ones you abandoned will be replaced by other tasks that might be better than the previous ones. You can change the mission again if you still do not like the new one without you missing out on the game.

Avoid Injury caused by Falling

The constant struggle from risking the character’s health by falling from a great height plays a huge consequence during battles. You can stop worrying about this by just rapidly constructing a floor panel by utilizing your materials right at the moment you start jumping from a certain point. Note that you should sustain this until you land on the ground to make sure that you avoid any accidents to take place.

Inspect the Island Battle Bus

On the initial part of the game, when you land on the Fortnite island, you can find a loot-wielding battle bus by moving to the Eastside that you can see from the map. Jump onto the roof part of the bus to obtain a golden loot chest which you can freely pillage.

Beware of the Fire Hydrants

Although there is no fire existing in Fortnite, fire hydrants are being manipulated by fierce players as a tactic to effectively launch their opponents. If you jump onto the cascade of water blasted by fire hydrants, it will help you get away from dangerous and risky battle situations. On the flip side, you can shoot fire hydrants to displace your enemies and gain more time to revive.

Watch Television to rest and chill

While this is not a helpful tip in terms of battles, it is still fun to learn that you can watch TV in Fortnite just for the character’s leisure. If you are strolling around the area and killing time before matches, watching TV is a good way to entertain yourself. You can find televisions in various houses and turn it on by pressing the Interact button. Nothing to see here though—just static and sometimes the face of a spooky ghost might appear.

Slide down safely

Jumping onto certain heights is simple and painless but going down without losing health is nearly impossible. You cannot afford to risk your character’s health just because of simple actions like sliding down a hill—especially before matches. To avoid this, you need to master the art of counter strafe. Counter strafe can be done by moving in the opposite direction of where you are sliding. This will make you land easier on the ground while also retaining your optimal health.

Land on the Ground faster

For a typical Fortnite player, there are two ways to reach the ground faster: by leaping off the battle bus as soon as quickly as possible and by positioning the character in a vertical manner. Only a few are aware of this additional way that will make your character reach the ground faster than your enemies: make sure that you are driving down the ocean. Why? Simply because gliders do not automatically open above water. You can manually open your umbrella by hitting the glider button once you are certain that you are landing near the ground already.

Find the secret Chest Location

There are lots of hidden rooms and location loaded with treasure chests that, again, only a few know about. One of these can be found in Tomato Tunnel. If you explore the site, you will detect a concealed room behind a car. Enter the door and you will discover various treasure chests you can plunder. You can also find chests when you head over to the beach at Sweaty Sansa. Just use your pickaxe and pry the shore when you find mounds of sands with pebbles surrounding it. There, buried secret chests are waiting for you!

Spy your Enemies through Wallhacking

Do you want to have the battle advantage by seeing where your enemies are hiding? You can do this by heading over to Edit Mode and catching if your opponents are hiding on a wall they have set up. By doing this, you will also be able to see not just through walls but also roofs and ramps transparently.

Trick your Enemies by riding Supply Drop Baloons

When your opponents notice a supply drop balloon, they would rush towards its landing spot to scavenge items. This is an opportunity that you can advantageously grab to hoard free kills effortlessly. You can do this by setting up a launchpad, building a balloon supply drop, and riding into it. Surprise your foes!

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