Are you the kind of person loyal to one amazing game or are you overwhelmed by the large variety of choices and impressive reviews you find on the Internet? Either way, if you love video games, you will almost certainly love PUBG. PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle royale, all having the same goal: to remain the last one alive. If you enjoy teasing your brain with a little bit of strategy and practicing your battle reflexes, this game is surely the right choice! Enter the match solo or even team up with friends, forming a small team that will conquer the map.

You might find it similar to Call of Duty: Blackout, Ring of Elysium, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds or Fortnite. What’s so special about it then? While Fortnite offers a cartoonlike aesthetic, PUBG can truly hypnotize, giving a sense of realism due to its amazing graphics and complex mechanics. The unpredictable variables make it unique and most importantly, the game progressively forces you to play faster and smarter in order to be the last one standing. So why not try it? 70 million people already bought it across all platforms last year, ascending it to the top of the list in the gaming department. If all of this sounds intriguing, don’t hesitate to keep reading for the best tip and tricks to start and develop your game!

Early Game

Every battle royal game implements similar strategies that lead to one common objective: survive. Choosing your approach is the essential part if you want to win the game and you will find all about it in this sector. Survival implies a fight or flight response in the virtual world so to make a long story short: if you want to be the best, make sure you don’t play too safe or too brutal. Camp, hide, kill – you have to do it all in order to win.

Step 1: Know where, when and how to drop

First and first, you have to know when are where to drop. This simple decision can determine if you die or survive in the first minutes. At the beginning you will find yourself piled into a transport plane with the other players, so it might be all confusing. Where you jump is your choice and redirects you directly to an aggressive or safe strategy: dive for big towns and military bases, where you can find the best weapons or get away from the planes flight path as fast as you can and stay out of danger by scavenging remote buildings. And now on How to jump: you can open your parachute higher to get some distance from the plane when you jump. Jumping late usually gives you the advantage of not having as much players around, but if you have courage in your genes, jumping first will offer you more time to loot.

Step 2: Don’t expect too much for your first matches

Consider death to be your teacher and gather as much experience as you can about fighting, killing and managing your camp and gear.

Step 3: Safe zone

Well… if you manage to survive the first minutes, here is what to do next: STAY IN THE SAFE ZONE. The red circles on the map show areas that will get firebombed. They aren’t a death sentence, but aren’t far from that either. If you find yourself in such a situation, the safest thing to do is stay indoors and wait the bombing out. With this strategy, you can even use the red zones as temporary protection from other players.

Step 4: Resource-management

The most crucial resources in this game are weapons. You Never want to remain empty-handed. As soon as you land, search for guns and gear in order to survive. You can carry two main guns and a pistol, so the best plan is to choose two contrasting guns. The good news is you have quite a large variety of them, from assault riffles or snipers to submachine guns or shotguns. Additionally, don’t forget to get a backpack so you can carry more gear and a protective vest to minimize the damage. Other essentials in this battle are health kits for healing when you are not at your best. Grenades can be of great use too. Where to find all these? They are mostly found on the floors of buildings. Simple as that, you just need a little bit of luck.


As we pointed, weapons are the first thing that should cross your mind after landing. Want to discover the best ones?           A simple loadout philosophy is to search for a close quarter weapon and a long-range / mid-range weapon. Each of them plays a different, yet important role. During an intense firefight the experience of a player can’t save him from a good weapon that fires a large number of bullets. This weapon is a more often than not a shotgun, an automatic assault rifle or a SMG. The long-range weapon is especially important for this game because a large number of battle encounters are actually happening in a long-range distance, not a close one.

Building your guns:

If you are not familiar with this game, you’ll be surprised to find out that you’re more likely to find a lot of gear for your guns before you stumble upon the guns themselves. Now another question pops up: how do you know what items are worth carrying around? You don’t need to pick up every single useless item you find. Look for scopes of the 4x or 8x variety and attachments that go on your much-wanted weapons and once you see them don’t throw them away because chances are you will not find those attachments again.

Grenades and other tools

Love the game already? Don’t get too caught up using your favorite snipper, as you may overlook some powerful tools that are hiding out there. It’s easy to forget about impressive grenades like the frag or flashbang ones. They can help you get the drop on a player while the smoke can hide your movements. Now that we’re on this subject, PUBG offers a new addition to this fascinating collection: the Decoy Grande. It’s the only one “smart” enough to imitate gunfire sounds to fool your enemies. You can even master your grenade throws and toss them underhand! Therefore, my advice is: use everything the game has to offer in order to win it.

Best weapons:

Finally, the most-wanted subject when speaking about PUBG loadout: What are the best weapons to use? All of them can be used to your advantage if you master the skills of killing your opponents, but there are definitely some favorites.

The MG3 LMG is a huge asset for your game. It works best against enemy vehicles, capable of both 990 and 660 RPM and with a bipod that gives considerable improved stability when playing defensively. One small detail about this dream weapon: you can only find it in a supply crate, but this is your decision to make.

Next on the list are assault rifles with a wide variety of models that include: M416, SCAR-L and of course, the AKM. To find out more details about these amazing weapons I strongly suggest you to consult official sites, as their capacity can’t be covered in just one post.

Effective fighting

It is quite obvious that killing is the only way to survive until the end and the biggest part of surviving in PUBG is knowing when to and being aware of your surroundings. Pulling the trigger may not always be the best option if you are not prepared. PUBG players seem to have the genes of hunters. Just seeing a silhouette appear in the space between two buildings can trigger a serious syndrome of confused reaction shooting. When someone is firing from a considerable distance, you certainly should run away and find some cover, instead of trying to kill him. Even when the person you see is defenseless and shooting is so tempting you must fight the urge and scan the surroundings. Are you hidden in a safe place? Are you at an efficient distance for shooting? Do not forget that every shot you fire can be heard from a long way, so that’s the end of hiding your position.

To make a long story short: you only want to fire at someone if you are sure that you’ll get a kill. If they escape and get cover, they have officially become your death trap. Then when can you be sure a kill is secured? Save your strength for advantageous situations, such as ambushes in tight interiors (preferably as enemies come through doors) or long-range snipes from hidden positions.

In the last moments of the game, when it’s down to 10 players, combat experience becomes a must. Hiding and surviving while playing a defense strategy only gets you so far. What to do: Risk it and spend some PUG matches just learning how to kill. Invest this time to master your tactics by simply getting into fights. You must search trouble! Find the hot spots where players usually congregate – on the island map, these dense areas are Pochinki and the school. Experience will help you avoid flailing and missing shots, and will teach you what to expect from your guns.

Another useful tip: in order to kill others, you have to still be alive, so don’t mess around with that vital detail. Learn how to make the best out of a scenario. Falls rarely inflict great damage and it can happen that you are stuck on a roof with an enemy waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. It is not at all foolish to jump into the void to take the enemy back or run away. I am not even talking about risking it all for a supply crate. you will have to resist the temptation to throw yourself on because the risk is great: everyone for miles around observes a drop. Have fun and be throw yourself in the middle of the action sometimes but always consider what it takes to become an expert.

The Circle Movements

What is this circle? And how is it important for me?

“The Circle” is also known as The Playzone. As you can imagine, if all the players spread throughout the map and everyone hides in its corner, the game will certainly take a while. However, every match has a fixed time of 30 minutes and players can’t afford wasting it by standing around. “The Circle” is the area where players must remain during the game. If outside of the playzone, players take damage every second. This forces players closer to each other as the game progresses in order to speed up the game. On the map, all areas outside this zone are overlaid with a blue color and before The Circle starts closing, the new location of it is marked as a white circle.

Use The Circle to your advantage

The white circle is a constant concern for everyone but instead of worrying about it, you should learn to take advantage of its predictable variables and movements. First of all, The Circle doesn’t always shrink towards the center of it and being in the middle of it won’t guarantee you will be in the middle of it when the next restriction applies. Don’t obsess yourself over the perfect position. Being in the center also implies encountering many other players and endangering your safety. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe and just stand around the edge of the circle where you will be probably alone.  On the other hand, don’t forget to check its movement before it moves too far. That would really be a shame.

How to use it against other players

Being outside the first circle isn’t a death sentence. You can even counteract most of the damage you’ll receive with a boost item or two. However, later in the game, the blue field can be devastating. Note that the blue circle will eventually catch up to the white one on your map and on the moment, the fields damage becomes significantly higher. You don’t want to find yourself desperate and receiving damage every single second, as that would be an impossible situation to survive. So, use it against the others! High-level strategies usually take the circles movement into consideration for calculating how it will affect the position of other players. You can predict the places where everyone will pile up and be in a constant battle or you can find safe zones to catch your breath. Even more, you can force other players to move and take them out easily. Every aspect of the game can play in your favor, if you know how to use it!

Maps and Modes

If you want an awesome experience, you will surely have to find the map that fits you best and this guide is here to help.

The Maps are playable areas where the players compete against each other in Battlegrounds. They are periodically bombed in random locations marked with red circles. Not all the info is so bad, don’t worry! Sometimes, a C-130 can fly over and deliver air drops. There are 7 playable maps that are located in different continents, each having unique and impressive details to help you succeed or to cause you problems. At this moment, Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok are the ones used for all game modes.

Erangel – This is the Alpha Map, a cherished veteran, the first and primary playable map of Battlegrounds. It is based out of the region of Russia, featuring incredible views, vehicles and cities. Erangel has a dynamic weather with clouds, rain, fog and a beautiful sunset. The major cities are Georgopol, Novorepnoye, Pochinki and Yasnaya Polyana. Why is it important to know them? These are the places where people congregate and fight for the best resources. A high-risk for high-stakes. In your search for the best guns and gear don’t forget to check Sosnovka Military Base or the fascinating view of the Flooded City.

Miraman – A central America sand map that offers unique terrain and dense urban areas. Here you will find enormous canyons and mountains, with a looming metal wall to the north keeping outsiders out, and players in. In the South-East, an island is home to a prison and smaller villages. By creating this map, the developers forced you to forget the old strategies and learn new tactics in order to win.

Other stunning maps, from the oldest to newest: Vikendi (an Adriatic island snow map), Sanhok (a Southest Asian forest map), Karakin (an island of the coast of North Africa, the first map to have a black zone), Paramo (a 3×3 active volcano map), Haven (a 1×1 urban map that can support up to 32 players at a time). Don’t forget you can always test out vehicles and weaponry on the Range Map.

Building a map from scratch usually takes 6 to 9 months and a great effort, so enjoy and appreciate such an incredible work!

Current modes in PUBG: solos, solos FPP (first person perspective), duos (you will be paired up with another individual), duos FPP, squads (players are organized into teams), squads FPP, training mode and custom games. What are custom games? They are dedicated servers that PUBG Partners can randomly start up at given time. Here are some examples: BR zombie match, war game mode or even a team deathmatch. The last tip: Keep an eye open for Event modes, where PUBG Corp will be trying new things and experimenting with different game parameters.

Tips and Tricks

Pay attention on the supply drops

This can be easy to overlook, especially if you are a new player. Listen carefully around you. Every time a cargo plane flies over the island, the sounds will indicate where you can find a supply crate full of some of the best gear. The crate parachutes down and emits some red smoke to make it easier to find. Check it out for items like medkits, suppressors or the ghillie suit. However, as amazing as it may sound, a supply crate can be a death trap, as you will encounter many desperate players ready to pull the trigger. This game feature can be a blessing and a curse, so don’t throw yourself in if you are not prepared.

Keep track of enemies by using your compass

The compass at the top of your screen tells you the cardinal directions you’re facing, but it’s also covered with numbers. These can help you get a better idea about the location of your enemies and your position in relation to them. If you are engaging in a fight and your enemy finds cover, it can be easy to forget where they were hiding once you start moving around. Learn how to use the compass to give yourself the most detailed information about where your enemies are hiding.

Use the vehicles in a smart way

Cars are really noisy and your first instinct may be to avoid them, but a car early in the game can even transport you to the best possible position on the map. You reduce considerably the amount of time it takes to get to the best loot building or supply crates and you can even avoid conflicts by getting there early and leaving as fast as you can. Toward the middle game, after you got all the necessary weapons, it is better to abandon the car once you found a good position for the rest of the match.

Doors are incredibly dangerous

Well…not actually the doors, but who might be hiding behind them. One last and important tip is to NEVER stand in front of a door as you open it. You can get some cover by standing a little bit on the left or the right side of the door. Why make yourself vulnerable when you can even have some extra protection and fire your gun safely?

  • 9.4Total Score

    The latest (and twelfth) installment of the wildly successful Assassin's Creed series, it had the most successful launch of any of its predecessors. Generally praised for its open world, gameplay and plotlines, it is a worthy successor to such accomplished video game series

    • Graphics
    • Technical Quality
    • Narrative
    • Engaging Experience
    • Addictive & Fun
    • THE GOOD
      • Gameplay variety and combat
      • Open world experience
      • Great story and plotlines
      • Fantastic visuals and designs
    • THE BAD
      • Technical issues
      • Often criticized for its length
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