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The ivandoe collection, created by danish animators christian bøving-andersen and eva lee wallberg – who previously worked on the splendid global of gumball includes 10 x 3 minute episodes. the search follows young prince of the forest, ivandoe who’s tasked through his father, the robust stag, to go on a quest and go back with the mystical golden feather of the fearsome eagle king. observed with the aid of his devoted squire, a small hen referred to as bert, ivandoe embarks on an epically silly adventure, discovering new and mysterious areas of the woodland and an array of weird creatures along the manner.

Forestry Games recreated the Ivandoe international and animated characters for users to discover, growing 20 character mini-games which permit users to interactively play with distinct situations from the 10 special episodes. as an entire world round those video games had to be created, it turned into essential that the mini-video games dovetail with the linear lively collection.

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