Most Popular Puzzle Games of 2020

Most Popular Puzzle Games of 2020

Over the years, we have seen the evolution of puzzle games go from uncomplicated and monotonous ones such as the classic Fruit Ninja and 2048 to a more complex and adventure-filled ones with great storylines. There is a good deal of superb and popular puzzle games throughout time, but here we have trimmed them down into the best that you can find so that you do not have to be stressed finding the right puzzle game for you! Whether you are bored, got nothing to do, taking a break from work, or just simply looking for something challenging to play, these brain-tickling puzzle games for Android are here to help you.

Hello Neighbor

Looking for horror and adventure merged into one game? Hello Neighbor is the answer you need! Hello Neighbor is a stealth puzzle game perfect for those who are into the horror-suspense genre. At the beginning of the game, the main player finds himself moving into a new house and observing his neighbour who lives across the street who seems to be behaving in an uncanny manner. The ultimate goal of the game is to sneak into this neighbour’s basement and uncover his secrets. The fun and suspenseful part of this game lie in the fact that your neighbour is aware of all of your past moves and makes these as a basis for his defence (e.g. setting up bear traps in places that the player frequents). Hello Neighbor will definitely enhance your strategic skills! This game is free to install but it comes with in-app purchases and requires $15 to unlock the full version.

All that Remains: Part 1

All that Remains is a mystery ‘escape room’ game with lots of puzzles to solve, codes to crack, and riddles to answer. The game starts with the main player, or you, waking up at an underground bunker where your dad locked you in. The goal is for you to find clues in order to escape the bunker. What makes this game unique from others is the factor that the puzzles are not easy but also not impossible to figure out; they are just on the right level of challenging. The best part? You can play All that Remains in different languages so that you can enjoy the game without worrying about language barriers. For a one-time purchase of $2.49, you can already begin with your bunker adventure!


Without doubt, almost everyone of us has become addicted to Tetris once in our life to the point that when they announced that Tetris is leaving Facebook in 2019, petitions were raised on different petition websites. Tetris is indeed an OG computer game that has been a part of our childhood days. While it is already removed from Facebook, worry not because you can actually install this on your phone for free! You can also invite your friends and even chat with them in customized Tetris matches. The game comes with ads, but you can choose to remove it for only $5. If you want to play something reminiscent of your childhood or just pass time while commuting, this is the best game for you!

Brain It On!

A philosopher once said, “Do not judge a game by its minimal graphics”. Do not be misled by the visual appearance of this game—Brain It On is actually a fun and tricky puzzle game that is all about Physics! Also, it is absolutely free to play so that’s a bonus. Keep in mind that you do not need to be an a-level physicist or a science nerd to enjoy the game. Basically, every level has an objective that you need to achieve by drawing shapes all throughout the game. Each level has no definite solution, so you can be unique and creative in accomplishing the tasks. Brain It On has ads in between levels, but you can pay $3.99 to remove them. The objectives get a lot harder to attain as the game progresses making it more frustrating, but it is definitely worth the try!

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is an adventure puzzle game set in a dark castle. If you want a game with an original storyline, this one is perfect for you! The Eyes of Ara is also user friendly because of its support of multiple languages like French, Chinese, English, Korean, etc. There are a lot of missions you can do and it is all under your choice if you want to discover the place’s history, unravel the secret vaults and passageways, or find the missing treasure chests. Certainly, The Eyes of Ara will hook you into its plethora of spectacular missions!

Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill is a dungeon-set 8-bit puzzler. It is different from other small party survival games for the reason that each level of this game requires sacrifices to be made; only one of the three heroes—Ranger, Knight, Mage—makes it to the exit door alive. Total Party Kill enhances your creativity and logical thinking to figure out who to kill to be able to finish the level. There are 60 levels you can play for free and you can remove the hassle brought by pop-up ads for only $4. If you are a fan of retro-looking strategy games, this one is for you!

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